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The story of Oscar's...

Founded in Summer 2020, but backed by decades of experience from Edinburgh's most renowned gelatiere, Oscar's Gelato has established itself as Portobello's own destination for authentic gelato perfecto.

With over 30 flavours, from Biscoff to Bubblegum, we make all of our gelatos from scratch, using real ingredients. We even locally source them where possible!


So, why gelato and not just ice-cream like everyone else? Gelato isn't just a fancy-sounding name, it's a different and superior product.

Because there is less fat and air in gelato, the flavours are richer than ice-cream. Despite its reduced fat content, gelato has a wonderful creamy texture that melts in the mouth. Ice-cream, on the other hand, has an icier and frozen-mouth feel to it.

Commercial ice-creams often contain artificial flavours, colours and other additives. Oscar's Gelato Perfecto, by comparison, is made in small batches freshly each day. Our whole milk and double cream comes from Bonaly Dairy Farms and we use fresh fruit and the best quality ingredients throughout the process. We don't cut corners, our aim is to make the best gelato possible.

As you might guess, gelato is much more expensive to produce. However, we absorb those extra costs because we want our gelato to be affordable to everyone.

If you like a bit of modified starch, vegetable oil, stabilisers, emulsifiers and E numbers in your ice cream then there is plenty out there to choose from.

If it's the real deal you want, stick to artisan gelato.

Oscar's Gelato Perfecto. Not ice cream.


In a nutshell - why gelato?


The texture...

Gelato has a smoother, silkier & creamier texture than ice-cream.


The fat levels...

Gelato contains only 5-10% fat, whereas ice-cream contains up to 25%.


The taste...

Ice-cream must be served at a much colder temperature, leaving an icier, more frozen taste that stops the flavour coming through.

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